Knomad is your universe, in one place

Be ready to expand your universe

Your Universe

Create notes and posts to keep for yourself or to share with your network. See the relationship between topics in your personal and shared content in one universal view.
Decide which topics you'd like to share with specific social contacts, whilst still letting them know there's more to you than meets the eye!


A news feed of all posts from each person, community, or business in your social network. View the universe of interests for each of your social contacts and see which elements of their life you interact with or could get to know better!
Understand echo chambers and have full transparency on why you're seeing a particular post in the context of your activity and preferences.


A curated news feed where you can see the topics you've chosen to interact with for each person, community, or business in your social network.

See the intersection, but know there's more

We've built Knomad to cultivate meaningful connections and content where you can see your universe of interests as well as those of others, but still have the ability to separate what's private, public, or visible to specific contacts and know there's more to your network than meets the eye.

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