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What makes us unique?

Our easy-to-use templates look just like traditional resumes, subject notes, or contact details. We're here for everyone and want you to empower yourself without a learning curve.

Simple and intuitive

Most other visualisation tools out there require you to clean and structure data, and then learn the tool to be able to start visualising text. We don't require any of this.

Build your brain

As you continue to create, we will automatically build one big visual to show you how the content within your creations relates to each other (or not). 

Make meaningful connections

Note-taking or productivity apps out there with visualisation capabilities make visual relationships out of tagged words which may not mean anything out of context or in a year's time.

What can you create?

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Knomad for Education

If you're an educator, make sure to check out how Knomad can help create a more efficient and engaged classroom.