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Use case: Digitising the One-Minute Paper

The One-Minute Paper has been proven to be an effective tool for collecting ongoing and diverse classroom feedback. We've digitised this tool, and found a way to show themes, whilst collecting detailed responses.

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Educators are often left to their own devices to determine students' engagement with content and each other. It's a manual and mental process which takes valuable time away from teaching. We're here to change this.

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For Educators


Power your classroom interactions by gathering learnings and perspectives beforehand.

Our awesome features

With an interactive visualisation of perspectives, spend precious classroom time focusing on what really matters.

Our awesome features
Build together

Build your course brain and see the entirety of student perspectives across time.

Our awesome features

Emails of encouragement will automatically be sent from Knomad to students who have not contributed.

Our awesome features

For Students

Learn from each other

With an interactive visualisation of perspectives, see what your peers are thinking.

Build your brain

Build your brain and see the entirety of your learnings and skills across courses and time.

Apply your learnings to the real world

With access to the full Knomad suite, you'll automatically build a resume with your learnings and skills.

Knomad for Everyone

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