Welcome to Knomad 👋🏽

We were born out of the need to express ourselves and our interests completely, to understand who we are and the unique insights each individual can provide.

Why are we doing this? 🧠

We're often encouraged to innovate, think at the intersections, and collaborate with others to absorb and create new perspectives, yet current online learning environments and discussion threads don't allow for this!

Educators and students alike are thinking 'What have I learnt? How can I put it all together? What unique perspectives can I bring? What does all this learning mean for me?'.
Answering these questions requires a lot of time and energy to read through mountains of text and introspect! And let's be honest, nobody at university has time and energy. 🤷

It really shouldn't be this way.

We're here to power discussions and help you build and expand your universe of perspectives to introspect, innovate, and educate.

Our universe of knowledge is constantly expanding, we want to help you embrace it.

Express your interest!

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